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Is the beauty industry right for you?

If you are looking for a career with a good outlook for the future and minimal educational requirements, one in cosmetology might be just right for you. Here is a look at several of those occupations. Learn about training and licensing requirements, as well as earnings. Follow the links to get more information on each one. You should note that working in the cosmetology field requires certain soft skills or personal qualities.

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Which program is right for you?

Master Cosmetologists are trained in the care of hair, skin & nails and can work as a nail technician, esthetician, or cosmetologist, however most of the program emphasis is placed on hair and the majority of master cosmetologist pursue careers in the hair care industry. If you have a more of a passion for nails or skin, nail technology or the esthetics program may be more suitable for you.

Interested in Veteran/Military Enrollment?

It’s our privilege to assist to those who have sacrificed so much

for our country through their services in the armed forces.

Please click here to learn more about the enrollment process for Veterans/Military.

Children and spouses of Veterans/Military may be eligible for enrollment.

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