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Nail Technician Certificate

In our Manicuring/Nail Care Program, you’ll learn all the latest techniques in manicures and pedicures including how to:

  • Give dry, water and oil manicures/pedicures

  • A variety of nail art techniques

  • Apply acrylic nails, nail tips and brush on nails

  • Perform nail repairs and wraps

  • Give hand and foot massages

  • Clean and disinfect your tools and work area

  • Adhere to State health and safety codes

  • Prepare for your State Board licensing exam

  • Develop and maintain client relationships

Your training includes the actual experience of working in a professional salon when you work with clients on our clinic floor. Once you complete your 525 hours, you should be fully prepared to pass your State Board exam and start a new career as a licensed manicurist.

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